Alvin “Vinnie” Chea, was born in San Francisco in 1967. A product of Christian Education, Chea attended Adventist schools exclusively, earning a Bachelor of Arts English & Communications Double-major from Oakwood University.

It was at Oakwood that he joined the band “Alliance.” “Alliance” had formed while rehearsing in a campus restroom. After being discovered, Alliance went on to become Take 6, and soon skyrocketed to international fame.

They are now the most awarded Vocal group in Grammy History, winning 10 trophies and 24 nominations. During his 32-year music career, Chea has individually been featured as an Artist or Sideman in scores of Sound Recordings in virtually all genres. Additionally, he has appeared in hundreds of Film & TV Soundtracks. Alvin’s Voice-Overs can be heard on TV & Radio covering everything from Movie Trailers to Video Games.

He voiced Chili’s iconic TV campaign, “I want my baby-back, baby-back, baby-back ribs.” He sings the tag, “The Snack that Smiles Back” for Goldfish crackers, and also narrates Disney Nature specials and IllustraMedia documentaries. Recently, Alvin can be heard doing V.O.G. work for both the NHL’s and the NAACP’s Award shows.

Alvin Chea from Multiple Grammy Award Winning Group TAKE 6 Takes Readers down an Intimate Memory Lane with New Journal Style Book “BassLines.”


Past News Releases

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 15, 2006

You’ll never think of road trips the same after reading “BassLines”, an intimate look at life on and off the road from Alvin Chea, the bass singer in Take 6 and a 20-year veteran of the music industry.

“When Take 6 decided to build a website, we needed content. I decided to share my behind-the-scenes view from the road with our fans.” Chea explains the inception. He noticed the times he would slip in personal anecdotes, the fans responded almost immediately. “Writing turned out to be cathartic as well when in the span of a year and a half, I lost my mother to cancer, my wife, kids, and home in the divorce.”

“BassLines” also hits high notes. Chea takes readers on a fantastic voyage back to the Seventies and his boyhood experiences that shaped who he is now.

“BassLines” ($14.95) is published by BassLines Publishing a division of Take 6 books.